- basic infrastructure

- bathroom facilities

- air conditioning

- heating

- wood platform and interior flooring

- rigid doors



basic infrastructure: an ‘eye in the sky’ bubble, does not need many requirements for its installation. The main point to consider is that it has beautiful views and a suitable environment..

Our bubbles operate using an ultra-quiet fan, which provides support for the installation. An engine that consumes just 0.156 kW (to 220w or 115w).

As the bubble is a structure that can be easily dismantled, permanent building permits are not required.

We recommend positioning the bubble on a wooden platform to isolate it from the ground as this will be more enjoyable than walking over a hard or cold surface.

bathroom facilities: in many of the bubbles that we have installed, this matter has been resolved in different ways:

  • In some of them, the owner has decided to install a complete set of bathroom facilities (washbasin, toilet and shower or bath) at a single point for several bubbles, a few metres’ distance away from the rest; and while this is much easier in terms of facilities, it is a little inconvenient for the customers.

  • In other cases, we deliver the bubble with an annex space where a chemical toilet and/or a small basin can be installed.

  • We have also executed projects where the client has installed a water network and drains and a complete conventional bathroom and even a jacuzzi.

air conditioning: from the outset, it is best to position the bubble in the shade of a tree. This will help to keep the heat from increasing inside the bubble throughout the day and it won’t be so difficult to cool the bubble. If it is not possible to put the bubble in the shade of a tree, the best solution would be to position it under some form of canopy or umbrella that will achieve the same effect. The turbine housing is the point where air is taken in to be dispersed inside the bubble. Consequently the turbine must also be located in the most shaded and coolest area possible.

As in many facilities, in summer, the interior of the bubble will need to be cooled, we therefore recommend locating the cooling system in such a way that cold air does not directly flow into the sleeping area. It is also advisable to have the system as far as possible from the bed to minimise the noise of the air conditioning.

A 220v outlet is required with a minimum power supply of 3500w, which includes 150w for the inflatable turbine, 100w for the lighting or music system and 1500-2000w for the air conditioning. We recommend separating the turbine outlet from the other elements.

heating: in locations where winter is hard, the bubble must be supplied with a heating system. Ranging from a basic electric heater to a heat pump to electric radiators.

wood platform and interior flooring: although in the vast majority of installations the installation of a base platform or a raised terrace is dealt with directly by our own clients; we can also offer you the possibility of providing this installation with the help of local fitters.

Likewise, our clients usually deal with the interior flooring themselves, following the drawings and instructions that we give them, but again we can offer this service.

rigid doors: especially in facilities for events, where the entrance/exit flow of people is much higher than in the bubble-hotel, we can offer the possibility of installing swing doors instead of the usual zipper-type doors.