eye adventure


That magnificent rural, maritime, mountain or even urban setting; it’s there, you've seen it. And you can imagine what an adventure it would be to spend a night in that environment doing glamping. The ‘eye in the sky’ inflatable bubble hotel makes it easily possible.

The design and manufacture of this unique hotel room makes it easy to set up in that special place where you thought: "how luxurious it would be to spend a night here".

The collection offers you a choice of creating a basic space with bubble dreams (consisting of access tunnel + bubble room), a double space with the bubble dreams plus (access tunnel + bubble room + bubble toilet) and a space suite with bubble dreams suite (access tunnel + bubble lounge + bubble room + bubble toilet).

We can manufacture these three models in bubbles with a diameter of 3m (*), 4m and 5m. And the exterior design comes in three versions: eclipse, panorama and transparent.

We manufacture the entire collection using a highly resistant polyester fabric, with UV protection and a waterproof coating for 2000mm. m.W.c. combined with transparent PVC fabric with equal protection to external atmospheric agents. The bubbles are available in 8 different colours and can be graphically personalised.

The whole system is completed with an ultra quiet and energy efficient inflatable turbine suitable for all weathers, the structure for the entrance tunnel and an emergency repair kit.

Applications and main users:

Their use is very clear: they offer a special, unusual accommodation experience, both in terms of space and location.

The main requirement is the availability of a space in an environment suitable for the location of this type of bubble. The more usual spaces are in natural settings with beautiful views, where the comfort of a room is complemented with the visual communication with the environment.

It is a type of accommodation that can perfectly complement the standard offer of a hotel, without a large investment. It is also a good addition to a traditional hotel that has a discrete terrace or a suitable garden area.

Undoubtedly, the main use of this type of unusual accommodation is employed by entrepreneurs who create a complete facility from a set of bubbles, in a natural setting. This is a new type of business in the field of hospitality that combines infrastructure costs that are a lot lower than usual in the sector, with a unique offer in accommodation.